[200q20v] What competition???

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I think even the other older DSM models like the eclipse has this problem I
just don't know what model.,
well mitsu-japan is in hot water after conceiling customer complaints for

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> Speaking of the AWD turbo Mitsubishis, yes, the Galant VR-4
> in terms of raw performance is one seriously fast sedan.
> However, IMHO, the cars have a fatal flaw that precludes me
> from ever buying one again. The transfer case has a design
> defect that results in spontaneous case seal failure, resulting
> in the loss of transfer case oil and the results are that the
> transfer case seizes up. If this occurs at high speed, you are
> likely to lose control of the vehicle.
> I've had the case fail on me twice, both on extended trips. Never
> again will I drive that thing more than 50 miles from home. Recall
> or not, after experiencing that, I don't trust the design.
> Taka
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