[200q20v] general starter Q

Kevin Phillips kevphill at mediaone.net
Sun Apr 8 20:14:49 EDT 2001

This braided cable is connected to the brush carrier in the motor. It can be
replaced as a unit for about $20-30 but I could not find one in this area. I
got a used starter from Chris Semple that happened to have a new looking
brush unit so I just popped this into my already cleaned and lubricated
If you can find a Bosch dealer in your area this should be an easy fix.
Good luck.

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A question that probably pertains to many audis (if not other makes).

The little braided connection from the solenoid to the starter has
fallen apart. (hence the no-start condition!)
It looks like it runs right into the starter itself. Seems like this
provides power from the solenoid to the starter motor itself. Any ideas
on fixing this in-situ? I could take the motor out and have it fixed by
a starter refurb place.


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