[200q20v] Momentary Brake Warning light

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Mon Apr 9 16:29:06 EDT 2001

Going from memory, as I don't have all my manuals etc. here in front of me...
there are a number of brake system warnings that may occur.
Leave the handbrake on, the "brake" warning comes on.
Bad handbrake switch, the "brake" warning comes on.
Low system pressure (such as after the car sits for a few days, or after pumping down stored pressure in the bomb) and the "brake" warning comes on.
Low level of brake fluid in the reservoir, and the "brake" warning comes on.

Worn front pads, break in pad warning sensor circuit, and the pad warning comes on in autocheck.

Malfunction in the ABS system (dirty/misadjusted/damaged sensors, "ABS Off" button depressed), and the "ABS Off" warning comes on.
-hth, Chris

In a message dated Mon, 9 Apr 2001  3:07:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Dale McCormack <dale at themccormacks.org> writes:

<< Thanks for all input, 
Most have suggested the "bomb".  However, there are ZERO additional
corroborating symptoms of "bomb" problems.

Original description of problem remains.  The brake light flashes
momentarily on hard brake application, goes out immediately and comes on
at no other time.  Car (w/UFO's) stops on a dime and gives change. 
Brake pedal height fine, doesn't go down.

More comments?
Dale McCormack

91 200 20valve tq
89 200tq Avant

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