[200q20v] RE: Trip Computer

Calvin & Diana Craig calvinlc at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 9 19:21:31 EDT 2001

I had posted a message awhile back on my '92 S4 trip computer reading
instantaneous MPG instead of Boost in the Boost spot.  It turns out that the
coding plug (little PCB in the back of the instrument cluster) is for a 100
instead of the S4.  Of course Audi has discontinued this part.  All this
"plug" does is short a few sockets together that I am sure are just digital
inputs into the computer to tell it what car it is.  So a few questions.
Does anyone know what pins need to be shorted to what for this plug as I
could modify the one I have.  Does anybody know if a 200 plug will work in
it's place?  Does anyone know of a junkyard that might have a '92 S4?

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