[200q20v] Hello Body Shop (This time for real)

Derek Pulvino dpulvino at agraus.com
Tue Apr 10 00:39:17 EDT 2001

Hey all,

Well, chalk another one up for the miracle works.  Paying a little too little attetion today, had to make a panic stop.  

Pleased to report my brakes performed wonders (peripherally saw the "brake" light come on, abs engaged).  Unfortunately, the Chevy C2500 pickup behind me was paying slightly less attention.  My car now has a very "non-factory" look. 

The metal will be easy, but matching pearl white...

More to come as I the saga continues.  

Anybody with suggestions for the premier auto body shop in the Seattle area?

Estoy mirando por buen suerte grata

Derek Pulvino

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