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One other thing lights up the "brake" light that I may not have mentioned yesterday; low pentosin level, or a sticky float in the reservoir.

Pentosin levels in the reservoir changes slightly when the bomb is repressurized.

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<< Dale,

My car illustrates the same brake light characteristics (sitting on level ground with the brakes off, or coming off of speed, stomp the pedal hard and the brake light will momentarily illuminate)  I'll too conjecture that the symptom ties back to the bomb.  Pentosin was recently replaced; brake fluid levels, e-brake system, abs sensors, and pads are all fine (some of which are on seperate circuits).   

Differing here though from your testimony, my "bomb" does not pass the stringent "good bomb" tests.  

I also agree with Mr. 85k milers synopsis- it's not a problem; car's been doing it since I purchased (35k'ish miles), and as to be attested in a story to follow, panic stops are not an issue.  

Derek Pulvino

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Subject: [200q20v] Momentary Brake Warning light 

Request for focused wisdom input: 

Occasionally during a quick, hard brake application the red warning 
light will momentarily flash. No other time. Brake fluid level, pads, 
master cylinder float, all fine. 

Had a similar problem on an 87 type 44 too, it had ss brake lines. 

Comments invited. 


Dale McCormack 

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