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Thought I got this off to the list yesterday.  Looks like I missed a step.

Derek P

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Message: Good Luck, I hate dealing with claims and Insurance companies. It's just 
one of those things that I find that cars never drive the same after going 
into a body shop. 
Let me know how it goes... 


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Hey all, 

Well took the 200 down to a local shop today; Queen City Rebuild. Turns 
out they are a factory sponsored/endorsed Audi shop. Not only that, but 
they work on many a high end Euro car. Saw a couple A8's in there, not 
too mention various A6's, A4's, S4's, Jags, 911's, a 60's vintage Vette, 
and even a Testarossa. 

Estimate came in at 5700 odd dollars. Next week I meet with the 
insurance companies appraiser to double check the damage and the 

Thanks for advice to this point. I'm guessing they'll be a 200 under 
the knife next week, and a set of rental car keys in my pocket. 

Derek P 

<<< "Chaplen, John " <John.Chaplen at us.wmmercer.com> 4/10 2:56p >>> 
if you want a great place in Oregon...hee hee, but there work is 
Awesome...could be worth it... 

John Chaplen CNE 
William M. Mercer, Incorporated 
Portland, OR, USA 

phone +1 503 273 5958 
fax +1 503 273 5999 
mailto:john.chaplen at us.wmmercer.com 

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Hey all, 

Well, chalk another one up for the miracle works. Paying a little too 
little attetion today, had to make a panic stop. 

Pleased to report my brakes performed wonders (peripherally saw the 
light come on, abs engaged). Unfortunately, the Chevy C2500 pickup 
me was paying slightly less attention. My car now has a very 

The metal will be easy, but matching pearl white... 

More to come as I the saga continues. 

Anybody with suggestions for the premier auto body shop in the Seattle 

Estoy mirando por buen suerte grata 

Derek Pulvino 
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