[200q20v] source for header for NA I5? (tangent)

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As of '96, all cars for the USA required OBD-II compliance (emissions/engine management).  Audi decided not to do that.  The 95.5 cars are very similar, but different in several key ways:
different keyless entry
different traction control (no more lockable rear diff, all done with the ABS system, which is also slightly different).
and I think some different bumper trim, etc.
The S6 was sold in Canada through '97, I believe.

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<< Chris,

What did they do to the 95.5 S6 that was different than the 95 and previous models of the line?  I guess what I'm asking is what would require receritfication as a new model with that vehicle come 95 etc.  Related to the rebadging?  Weren't the underpinings and drivetrain unchanged? 

Derek P

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Nah, I think it was that Audi was discontinuing the 4kq platform (sedan), while the coupe continued for a bit. 
Way I look at it is similar to the 95.5 S6; it really was the next model year, but who wants to spend all that money certifying it for USA sale, when you don't plan on selling many of them? 


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