[200q20v] information source for weights of wheels

Charles Baer charlie at istari.com
Fri Apr 13 11:10:29 EDT 2001

I'm trying to decide on some new wheels and it's really not turning
out to be as fun as it should be.  It's possible that my target is
unrealistic, the only reference I have is a 16x8 Fuchs that I almost
threw across the room the first time I picked it up.  I think a forged
under 20 pound target is fair, without going over $500 per wheel.

Short of compiling a list of possibilities and then spending hours
on the phone trying to find the weights, is anyone aware of a place
or places that have a vaguely comprehensive list of alloy poundage ?

I think three of the dozens of makers I've been to actually showed
the weight of the wheels that interest me.  Hard to imagine that more
of them don't provide even a rough indication when they are hawking
'lightweight' wheels, except of course for the ones that make boat

I've used the wheel page that Chris has, ( and should give him some
updated links ), and spent hours cruising web sites.  


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