[200q20v] information source for weights of wheels

Charles Baer charlie at istari.com
Fri Apr 13 11:33:29 EDT 2001

I always mess up the title in my head but I think the correct name is
"Sports Compact Car".  It wasn't on the stands around here last week,
but the shop I use for most wheel and tire work had a copy.  I think
the "display until" date on the previous issue has now arrived and the
one with the wheel review should be on the shelf. 

It had around 160? wheels in it, with weights for some sizes.  That
might sound like a lot, but most of what was in there made me want
to puke.  Also, out of the wheels they showed, I'm only interested
in a small subset.  The end result was a very limited amount of data
that pertained to my quest.


copley one wrote:
> i noticed at the newsstand that one of the boy racer magazines (Sports
> Car something???) had a big wheel comparo this month.
> pk

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