[200q20v] 200 20v question..airbox

Gary Martin motogo1 at home.com
Fri Apr 13 17:19:02 EDT 2001

Poking around under the hood of my newly aquired 200 TQA today. I think I'll
check the air filter (supposedly changed by PO). Let's see, two clips on the
front, disconnect hose from MAF, disconnect electrics, pull, tug, what
the???? I can't see anything at the back, but it ain't coming out. Before I
break something, what's the trick guys?
    Next project, check the turbo by-pass valve. Failed the test bigtime.
Swapped in one from the S4, took it for a ride. That's more like it!!  Thats
more like I expect a 20V to run. Well, at least I got one thing
 TIA for any tips on the air box.
91 200TQA
94 UrS4

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