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Henry A Harper III hah at srv.net
Sat Apr 14 20:41:44 EDT 2001

On Saturday, April 14, 2001 2:55 PM, Phil Rose [SMTP:pjrose at frontiernet.net] 
> P.S. Speaking of studded Hakka-1 tires:
> Late this winter I thought I noticed an usually large number of
> missing studs. While dismounting the snow tires today, I could verify
> as many as 50 were studs missing on one tire while two others lacked
> 30 and 32 studs, respectively. What's up here? Is it common to lose
> so many studs within a few seasons? Or do Hakka-1 tires have a
> special tendency for this? These tires have _lots_ of tread depth.
> Most of the missing studs come from one one side (i.e. inner vs
> outer) of each tire. I don't think so many studs were missing
> originally--I _think_ I would have noticed.

I have not noticed any studs missing on my two sets of Hak-1s, as I changed 
over to the summer wheels last weekend. The set for the Audi is now four 
winters old, still can't really see any treadwear happening. The VW set is two 
seasons old, and has seen most of the driving miles in winter - also no 
apparent treadwear. Audi set bought mail-order from Greer, arrived studded; VW 
set bought locally from Les Schwab tire place, not sure if the studding was 
local or not.

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