[200q20v] no good deed goes unpunished...

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Sun Apr 15 12:31:52 EDT 2001

>In a message dated 4/14/01 4:54:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
>pjrose at frontiernet.net writes:
>>  So, I hope that my
>>   local shop will be available on Monday to dismount the thing (for an
>>   inside patch) and rebalance. Sigh.
>Inspect the tire carefully; how much for a new tire versus the patch?  Figure
>a patch then rebalance, etc. is min. $15-20, right?

New tire is $115 (plus mounting and balancing).

>  Will you feel
>comfortable (and pass inspection) with a patched tire on the track?

Depending on the type of repair, a patched tire can lose its 
Z-rating, but I'm told (via a WMB Z3 website and elsewhere) that a 
proper *internal* patch (vulcanized and extending thru the puncture) 
will maintain the tire's V (or Z-)rating. With that qualification, 
I'd would be comfortable using the patched tire for track 
events--especially considering that my driving conditions (speed, 
duration, etc) will be far below the limits of the specification. 
Whether or not QCUSA forbids _any_ type of patch in track events is 
something I don't know. If so, I'd consider buying a new tire, but 
I'll have the repair done in any case. At worst, it would become the 
full-size spare that I've been meaning to carry.


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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