[200q20v] Besides Claire...other source for rear Bose amps?

Charles Baer charlie at istari.com
Mon Apr 16 11:58:44 EDT 2001

Vztante at aol.com wrote:
> Howdy folks!
> My rear driver's side speaker has been intermittent in it's output ever since
> I purchased the car a couple of months ago.  Yesterday I heard the dreaded
> buzz and pop.
> Time to replace it.  The PO had already replaced the other.  I recall having
> read about somebody who specializes in replacing Bose amps, and I even
> checked out their web-site about a year ago.  The address has somehow been
> misplaced.  Can you help?

I just did a contact cleaning on my left rear Bose this weekend, no
How many bodies are up for another group purchase ?  I'm also
just rebuilding the system with an external amp, I have a few nice ones
lying around.  The amp that is making noise had 3M clips all over the 
power+signal and add-on speaker wire protruding from the housing with a
hi-to-low level converter hanging off of it, sheesh!

> I could also use some pointers on how to properly unplug and remove the unit.

The screws holding the units to the speakers are not fixed, if you go
below, (like I stupidly did my repairs this weekend) it will be very
ugly trying
to hold the washer, lock washer and thread the nut in the little space
keeping the screw from moving up and vanishing.  Plus everything you
gets sucked inside the housing by the magnet, forcing you to undo
that you managed to get assembled.

Remove the two bolts below the front edge of the rear seat cushion, lift
out.  Remove rear headrests, push out the rest sockets from inside the
( haven't tried that step, just read it in the Bentley ), lift out the
seat portion.  The next Bentley step says to press down near the front
of the
depression in the rear tray, then remove it in a forward direction.


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