[200q20v] Rear brake caliper tool - Helpful part number

Steve Bednarski stevebednarski at mindspring.com
Mon Apr 16 23:46:24 EDT 2001

I just recently spent a couple of days buying a number of "wrong" tools for
trying to screw in the rear brake calipers for my 1991 Audi 200TQW sedan.
My car sat up on jack stands for a few days while I tried to find the tool
that would allow me to finish the brake job without spending nearly $100 for
the factory Audi tool.  I finally found the right tool without spending a
fortune.  It is Lisle part# 25110 and works like a charm.  My local auto
parts store obtained the last one from the local warehouse.  The good news
is that I called Lisle at 712-542-5101 and this part number is still
available and can be ordered directly from them if your local store can't
source it for you.

It fits perfectly and is only $10.95.  Hope this helps save someone some
time, money, or both.

Steve Bednarski

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