[200q20v] PS Pump A Good Story!

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I believe that ZF needs to approve the warranty claim before it is paid.
They inspect the pump for cause of failure.  If they think your fluid was
contaminated they might not pay.

Mike Sylvester

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My PS pump let loose again last week, I installed a ZF remanufactured from
Blau about two years ago (161K miles). It was leaking slowly from the piston

I looked in my file, found that I had sent in all the warranty information
to ZF and they had stamped it and sent it back. Guess what? Three year
warranty.....yep.....three years!

I called Blau on Friday, they had a pump in stock, had to pay for it on
credit card, got it on Saturday, installed it and then I'm returning the old
one this week, will get a full credit for a $290 pump! I was two years into
the warranty......got to love it!

Don't let the Audi Gods find out.....

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