[200q20v] Besides Claire...other source for rear Bose amps?

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Wed Apr 18 21:07:34 EDT 2001

I have no idea what 6" Yamaha subs are for a car audio application,
but your idea sounds interesting. I'd like to see what you actually

I scrapped my whole Bose system- it sounded absolutely horrible.
It totally justified why Bose has been called "Blows- no highs, no
lows." I had to turn the treble to max just to make it sound like it
had some highs. Now, with Boston Acoustics speakers driven by an
a/d/s amp, it sounds quite nice, even though the dash-mounted tweeters
make it sound a bit too bright. I don't have adjustable crossovers
on my speakers, so I can't tone down the treble like you can with
the MB Quart competition crossover.

If I wanted to make the system sound even better, I would have
gotten a/d/s components, because I'm not one to spend the time and
money fabbing custom door pods to hold a larger speaker. Otherwise,
I would have mounted some nice a/d/s 6.5" components in the front
doors and equivalent 6.5" coaxes in the back.


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