[200q20v] Besides Claire...other source for rear Bose amps?

C1J1Miller at aol.com C1J1Miller at aol.com
Thu Apr 19 08:57:59 EDT 2001

In a message dated Thu, 19 Apr 2001  7:44:51 AM Eastern Daylight Time, Fundsalo Racing <fundsaloracing at yahoo.com> writes:

Are Jensen Tri-Axials no longer the state-of-the-art
in speakers?



Funny you should ask; the Scirocco I recently purchased had a set of these big honking things installed in the rear deck... missing lots of the foam rubber for the speaker cones. I considered a full frame-up restoration, but considering their rarity, kept them in their unrestored state, in a safe place (for sale, btw, if you're a collector or audiophile).  The grills remain in the deck, hiding a set of newer component speakers (as do the stock grills on the doors).  Just need a place for those tweeters...

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