[200q20v] Radio Replacement

Tiberius Gaius c123666 at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 19 11:26:38 EDT 2001

We are happy enough with the stock bose system to live with it until
something breaks.  Then, if it is all integrated together the whole thing
will be replaced.  But, for now it sounds OK.

The Alpine/ADS/McIntosh system in the 300D sounds much crisper, however.

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> Crutchfield has gotten a fair bit of money from me for car stuff - they
> keep sending me catalogs thinking I will buy more, not understanding that
> the cars are *done* unless something gets stolen again.
> >BTW, any 'serious audiophiles' out there running tube
> >pre-amps and/or amps in their 200q20v?
> I have an 8" tube subwoofer in each car, but I think that makes me very
> much a *non* 'serious audiophile'. And I'm fine with that, cars are too
> noisy for 'serious audio' anyway :) But just about anybody can do better
> than the stock Audi/Bose. Not that there is anything wrong with being
> satisfied with stock...
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> quite as many watts
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