[200q20v] leather care

Sean Upchurch upchurch at cdicadwa.com
Thu Apr 19 13:42:50 EDT 2001

Hi all,

I bought a gray 91 200q20v about a month ago and have been lurking on the
list since then.  Similar to Tom's bouncing speedo and stalling, my car had
the same problems.  Thanks to some friends (Pete Kunzler and Orin Eman), we
replaced the BPV (and the connecting vacuum line) and soldered the circuit
board for about 4 hours time.  Anyway...

My drivers seat has some surface cracking in it and I would like to use some
leather treatment to extend the life of them.  Anybody have any BTDT and
suggestions of what to use.

Sean Upchurch
91 200q20v
87 4ktq (currently dead and waiting for replacement block to be bored)

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