[200q20v] carbon on spark plugs

Fundsalo Racing fundsaloracing at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 20 06:02:52 EDT 2001

OK, so we know Oliver is using the correct plug in the
wrong car....  :)  We can now offer some likely
reasons for the carbon buildup, in order of most

1) Oil burning due to worn valve-guides and/or seals
2) Oil burning due to worn/broken piston rings
3) Rich mixture due to FI, sensor and/or F/TCU
4) Extended operation at very low engine speeds
5) A combination of the above is also possible



--- omllenado <omllenado at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I cant believe that the model of the car/engine/20V
> or 10V will be a factor
> to why a plug gets carbonized.
> yes its a 10V and i dont drive a 91 200q 20V,
> ...just a '89 200.  sorry me.
> Oliver

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