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Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
Fri Apr 20 07:40:51 EDT 2001

This phenomen of excessive crankcase "emissions" is the likely and
apparently the only plausable cause of the oil contamination of the Mass Air
Sensor as has been reported and discussed over past years, if not on this
list, certainly on the turbo 5K and 200-20V.


Bernie's "SMOKE SHOW" theory goes like this:

1. Oil level over full.
2. Upgrade, oil concentrated toward rear of pan.
3. Right hand turn, oil concentrated on left, driver's side of pan.
4. High revs, max. crank oil churning in rear of pan.
5. Throttle wide open, Crankcase breather system venting max oil
    vapor/liquid and blowby to intake ahead of throttle.  (No smoke yet.)
6. Upshift, Sudden throttle closure, high vacuum on idle crankcase breather
   restricted hose to intake manifold.  Fuel and air supplys shut down,
   engine burnsrich oil vapor/liquid sucked into manifold.  SMOKE SHOW!

How to avoid "SMOKE SHOW".

1.  Don't turn right.
2.  Don't go up hill.
3.  Don't overfill oil level.
4.  Find the minimum oil level that will not starve the oil pump in a max G
    turn, R or L, where is the oil pickup point in these engines?
5.  Consider adding a windage tray in the crank case as is used in the S4/6.
    Will this help, ask Brandon, or S-car trackers.


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> Mine was....
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>> Was it a right hand turn?
>> Bernie
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>>> Subject: [audi20v] SMOKE SHOW...! (No Big Bang)
>>> Just wondering if any of you have witnessed similar to the following.
>>> Just back from NHIS instructor's day at the track April
>> 16th.  I'm working a
>>> corner and keeping one eye on my corner and another on my
>> lovely wife who
>>> rounds turn 3 and heads up the back hill in 2nd gear winding
>> it out as she
>>> goe's.  About to crest the hill she shifts to third and a
>> huge plume of
>>> smoke bails from the tailpipe of her 20v.  I am aghast.  I
>> think I see a
>>> blown motor, a floated valve or some such ugly thing about
>> to bring our day
>>> to an untimely end.  She does the right thing, checks the
>> gauges, and then
>>> pulls off to a safe spot.  The car is running fine.  She
>> pulls back on and
>>> drives to the pits.  Checks it out.  Everything appears to
>> be A-OK.  No more
>>> smoke, everything still in the place it's supposed to be in.
>> When I got the
>>> chance I asked her if she truly was winding it out in
>> second.  Thrown, she
>>> can't remember.  I assume she was.
>>> Now it's my turn.  First laps of the year, rusty as hell,
>> Peter Schulz
>>> riding shot gun.  A few laps in I hammer my own 20v in
>> second gear up the
>>> back hill and I create my own plume de smoke that is so
>> impressive, so
>>> large, and so thick, it looks like someone has fired up the plutonium
>>> reactor at Seabrook only to have something go terribly,
>> terribly wrong.
>>> This cloud is so thick and so disturbingly opaque in nature,
>> that I am black
>>> flagged and while Peter is peering into the rear view mirror
>> looking for
>>> used rods and bearings, I'm checking my gauges and heart
>> valves.  I meander
>>> back to the pits, get Peter to clock me firmly in the chest
>> to restart my
>>> heart, check things out and I too soldier on.  Everything OK.
>>> Bonnie and I quickly institute a "No Second Gear Rule" and
>> the cars run
>>> flawlessly and smokelessly (new word, start using it) for
>> the remainder of
>>> the event.  
>>> Here's the theory, taking the car up to about 6500-7000
>> RPMs, and then
>>> shifting to third created enough vacuum that some Mobil 1
>> was sucked back
>>> directly into the engine.  Thoughts?
>>> Both cars were just a hair over the fill mark on oil and
>> both of us had just
>>> completed a nearly 180 degree hairpin turn up onto a 10-15%
>> grade hill.  The
>>> smoke shows occurred with both cars in precisely the same
>> place under nearly
>>> identical circumstances and conditions.
>>> 12RoT
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