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Personally, I'm waiting for Chris to buy his next car before I buy the same
kind.....too much knowledge and a great web site! The collective is a much
better way to own/fix a car then doing it yourself... :-)
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> Someone posted somewhere about Audi adding Onstar to U.S. vehicles.
> That's the worst news I've heard all week - I'm not sure how excited the
> dealers will be to service vehicles that have recent DE or other track
> time. For example, a service writer may have differing opinions on
> whether or not I should have driven most of the NHIS road course in 3rd
> gear (occasionally bumping that 99 mph limiter...)
> Too much damn data. Looks like I can never buy a new car, either that or
> Chris Miller will have to figure out a way to disable the whole thing.
> Paul K
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