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Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Fri Apr 20 12:41:08 EDT 2001

In the Cadillac applications, according to my friends who drive them,  the 
OnStar service is something you pay for monthly or some other yearly 
interval.  You can call 'em up and ask for directions and they can telll 
you where you are and how to get to the address you seek.  But, again, it's 
for a monthly fee, just like your connection to the WWW.  If you don't want 
it, you don't pay for it and it's not available to you.

At 10:53 AM 04/20/2001 -0400, copley one wrote:

>Someone posted somewhere about Audi adding Onstar to U.S. vehicles.
>That's the worst news I've heard all week - I'm not sure how excited the
>dealers will be to service vehicles that have recent DE or other track
>time. For example, a service writer may have differing opinions on
>whether or not I should have driven most of the NHIS road course in 3rd
>gear (occasionally bumping that 99 mph limiter...)
>Too much damn data. Looks like I can never buy a new car, either that or
>Chris Miller will have to figure out a way to disable the whole thing.
>Paul K
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