[200q20v] bar: from .1 to 1.8...is this normal?

Martin, Gary G MartinGG at aetna.com
Sat Apr 21 19:07:17 EDT 2001

What kind of boost pressures are you guys seeing with one of these IA stage
3, or MTM chips, which are supposed to give about an extra 50HP. What
reading does the digital boost indicator in the 200 20V max out at? I've got
a Wetterauer chip in my S4, but no boost gauge. The stock S4 has a overboost
mode which gives 2.2 bar I think. I would think these chips should produce
at least that much.

91 200TQA
94 UrS4   

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At 1:18 PM -0400 4/21/01, Vztante at aol.com wrote:
>Hey listers,
>My display shows the bar as low as .1
>JP told me that a low of .3 is typical in his experience.  What are you all
>getting, and what difference would it make performance-wise if mine dips
>lower than others?
>It tops out at 1.8.  This is with Ned Ritchie's stage 3.
>Mitch Frey

Assuming that stage 3 means that the pressure sensor has been 
upgraded, your dash boost gauge is now almost meaningless. Surely you 
expect that your maximum boost is actually above 1.8 bar, right? Best 
advice: install an analogue boost gauge. Quick, cheap and easy to 
do--except deciding on a spot to install the gauge. Mine's in the 
glove box.


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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