[200q20v] More Seattle 200 sightings

Derek Pulvino dpulvino at agraus.com
Sun Apr 22 04:39:59 EDT 2001

Hey all,

Back to Seattle sitings again; is there anybody on the list here driving a Red 91 200, that was parked at Chaplins VW, Subaru today (Saturday the 21 of April)?  Tan interior, aftermarket boost gauge on steering wheel, probaby chipped, Euro lights, incredibly well cared for paint with no discernible swirl marks, dunlop D60 tires, etc.  

I was down there checking out the new WRX today and saw that car on the lot.  My first thought was, "well, looks like I'm going to have to drive two cars today instead of one; lets see how my 200 stacks up..."  Then i figured out it wasn't for sale.  Who ever you are, nice work.

The funny thing is, that was the first 200 i drove when I was looking for one.  Seeing that car on the lot really brought home how timeless the Audi design is in 20v iteration.

WRX was fun, but once in third at freeway speeds, didn't seem much over and above the 200 for passing thrills.

Need to check out the exhaust plumbing again, but it's interesting to see the turbo setup; what with two banks of cylinders, and I guess all exhaust being routed to one side of the engine for positive intake pressure (unless it's a Saab style asymetric turbo application).  Car was adjustable though through the corners, with some rear lightness induceable with brake timing.  Pedals were also set up pretty well for heel/toe action, though haven't found a pedal cluster as good as my GTI for that.

450-550 a month, more than I'm read for for a car payment.  First, pearl white 200 must undergo sheet metal surgery before options B and C are considered.

Derek Pulvino

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