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Ensue you have the right oil level, if not, top off. Then I would change the
oil and put in fresh Mobil 1 with the red cap (15W50) right away. Our cars
shouldn't make lifter noise unless the oil level is low.....

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> Gary,
> Most likely this is lifter noise.  I would guess over 50% of the 5
> Audis running around out there have some lifter noise on startup.
> --Calvin
> I'm enjoying my 91 200.20v Avant more and more, as I'm getting things
> out, especially getting rid of the squeak from the drivers side front and
> rear doors. New sound question. When the car is cold, at startup I hear a
> clicking or rattling sound coming from the engine compartment. Steady
> cadence that changes with engine speed. Goes away when warm. Car has 92k
> miles. Any ideas?  TIA
> Gary
> 91 200TQA
> 94 UrS4
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