[200q20v] Re: [audi20v] Re: SMOKE SHOW...! Further thoughts

C1J1Miller at aol.com C1J1Miller at aol.com
Sun Apr 22 13:02:33 EDT 2001

In a message dated 4/20/01 9:22:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
b.m.benz at prodigy.net writes:

> This phenomen of excessive crankcase "emissions" is the likely and
>  apparently the only plausable cause of the oil contamination of the Mass 
>  Sensor as has been reported and discussed over past years, if not on this
>  list, certainly on the turbo 5K and 200-20V.
>  Bernie

How does the oil on the 20vt get back upstream to the mass airflow sensor?

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