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Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
Sun Apr 22 11:02:51 EDT 2001

Crankcase emissions, blowby and oil vapor, under open throttle conditions
are conducted to and mixed with intake air between the MAS and throttle.
These emissions are maximum under full throttle conditions, and are
aggervated by crank churned oil aerosol from an over filled sump in an
uphill, right hand turn.  Upon sudden throttle closure, the momentum of
incoming air causes an oscilation, a compression and expansion, of the
incoming air against the closed throttle, causing momentary reverse air flow
through the MAS and intake system.  The entrained emissions can thus
contaminate both the MAS and the dry type air filter.


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>> This phenomen of excessive crankcase "emissions" is the likely and
>> apparently the only plausable cause of the oil contamination of the Mass
> Air
>> Sensor as has been reported and discussed over past years, if not on this
>> list, certainly on the turbo 5K and 200-20V.
>> Bernie
> How does the oil on the 20vt get back upstream to the mass airflow sensor?
> Chris
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