[200q20v] bar: from .1 to 1.8...is this normal?

Vztante at aol.com Vztante at aol.com
Sun Apr 22 17:14:01 EDT 2001

<<Living at close to 5000 ft elevation, I see .2 -> .3 low and 1.6->1.7 high

with a stock ECU. Ignition on, engine off is .9. Seems to me you're seeing

1.7 bar change full range - I see about 1.4 change so you must be seeing

some HP improvement over stock.>>

It's a very significant SOTP improvement over stock.  Feels like the 60 hp IA 
claimed and a lot more torque than before. I wouldn't be surprised if it 
hasn't lost nearly a second from 0-60 mph. So is it the range of bar change 
that matters, or is the gauge not reliable as an indicator after the chip 
upgrade, as Phil suggested? 

<<pressure sensor has been 
upgraded, your dash boost gauge is now almost meaningless.>>

Is it upgraded with the IA stage 3 chip program?

 <<Surely you 
expect that your maximum boost is actually above 1.8 bar, right?>>

What should it be at to achieve 277 hp, as IA claims?


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