[200q20v] Re: [s-cars] 2Bennett 3B oil cooler upgrade

Mark Turczyn mturczyn at mindspring.com
Sun Apr 22 20:10:24 EDT 2001

At 6:04 PM -0400 4/22/01, Beer, Jerald wrote:
>I recently installed the 2Bennett upgrade. Big Motul oil cooler about 3-4
>times the size of the original. It goes closer to the front of the car,
>facing up and down. Some of the factory ducting is removed.
>Well, I tracked the car last week. South Florida, high 80's, medium high
>humidity. The oil cooler was absolutely no help. Oil temps hit about 150C,
>no better than the original cooler. Fenders are vented. I suspect the face
>up/down configuration has something to do with it. No air is flowing over
>the oil cooler. Water temps were about normal, a little to the right of
>center, just before the second dot (second stage of the cooling fan).
>I called 2Bennett and spoke to Ken and Andrew. They can't explain except to
>say maybe my oil t-stat isn't opening. Unlikely, since I notice a slight oil
>pressure drop just before the oil temp reaches the second (unmarked) line,
>which I estimate to be about 85C. In normal street driving, the gauge sits
>right on the second unmarked line.
>I'll work with some local guys to re-orient the cooler so it gets some air.
>However, I wouldn't recommend spending the $$$ for this upgrade, as it did
>absolutely nothing for me. I would understand it being junk from T-P, but
>surprised from 2Bennett. YMMV.
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Holy Sh---.  150C is 302F.  Way Way up there!!!!

Very surprised the bigger cooler did not work better then stock even 
if not perfectly in the ram air.

Sounds like my very simple interim solution of double up of two stock 
oil coolers may have a slight advange over the Bennett.  I just used 
short connectors and put another stock one behind the orginal one and 
boxed them in and vented the fender well. I got it from a junk yard 
for 20 bucks. Connectors were $30.

  When towing  my inclosed track bike and trailer fully loaded, it 
knocked off 20 degrees going up the mountains in 95 degree 90 % 
humidity days.  I run at the most now about 115C-which is about 240F. 
I do not go over 130C - 266F which I think is still way way too hot.

I want to even run cooler say only about 110C to insure a long happy 
motor.  I have been very busy but I think I can stuff a stock motor 
mount 911 cooler in the stock location and keep the ram air affect. 
If all else fails I am simply going to stick a normal 24 row cooler 
up in front of the radiator.  This has been done by one of our 
esteemed listers and it works great with no problem to the water temp.

Mark Turczyn

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