[200q20v] Re: [s-cars] 2Bennett 3B oil cooler upgrade

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Mon Apr 23 09:47:52 EDT 2001

Mocal.  You need a temp guage, find someone with an IR guage, and make sure 
that you actually have oil to the cooler.  If you do, the lines should 
register xxtemp coming in, and xx temp coming out.  Oil coolers lying down, 
don't work without something to force air thru it.  A fan perhaps, or some of 
that spare ductiing.  I'm not familiar with the 2B installation location, but 
in left side radiator 44 chassis cars, the easiest and best location is in 
front of the radiator (btdt many times, including some of my own cars).  You 
spend some money on the lines to get there, but the airflow location is 
really good, and it has the advantage of working well at low speeds with the 
rad fan running.  Scar installs I've done, put the 25row in front of the 
radiator as well, with the same excellent oil cooling results.

With 25 row cooler installed (I'm figuring this is what you have by your 
post) on a 20vt, you should see temps at 100-110C, maxing out at about 120C 
at the track ( or hard riding).  If you aren't seeing this (and you aren't), 
then the conclusion is, the bigger oil cooler lying down, is worse than the 
stocker with ram air.  IME, audi oil thermos never stick, especially if you 
change your oil at all, but there's always a first time.

Bad execution of a good mod.

Scott Justusson
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gsfent at prodigy.net writes:

> I recently installed the 2Bennett upgrade. Big Motul oil cooler about 3-4
>  times the size of the original. It goes closer to the front of the car,
>  facing up and down. Some of the factory ducting is removed.
>  Well, I tracked the car last week. South Florida, high 80's, medium high
>  humidity. The oil cooler was absolutely no help. Oil temps hit about 150C,
>  no better than the original cooler. Fenders are vented. I suspect the face
>  up/down configuration has something to do with it. No air is flowing over
>  the oil cooler. Water temps were about normal, a little to the right of
>  center, just before the second dot (second stage of the cooling fan). 
>  I called 2Bennett and spoke to Ken and Andrew. They can't explain except to
>  say maybe my oil t-stat isn't opening. Unlikely, since I notice a slight 
>  pressure drop just before the oil temp reaches the second (unmarked) line,
>  which I estimate to be about 85C. In normal street driving, the gauge sits
>  right on the second unmarked line. 
>  I'll work with some local guys to re-orient the cooler so it gets some air.
>  However, I wouldn't recommend spending the $$$ for this upgrade, as it did
>  absolutely nothing for me. I would understand it being junk from T-P, but
>  surprised from 2Bennett. YMMV.
>  regards,
>  Jerry

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