[200q20v] Value of '90 V8??

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Unfortunately, the V8 hasn't held it's value.  Rust would be very uncommon, so that's not a factor.  High miles; might be timing belt time? (60k interval, and rather expensive ???$500 up to $1,200???) unless you do it yourself).

I don't know the lifespan for the auto tranny, but expect a rebuild to go $1,000 or so? 

I'd say the car is in the $5000 range.  Do a bit of shopping around on the internet, etc. before offering to buy.

Why don't you send a message to the V8 list asking the same questions?  v8 at audifans.com

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I ran across a pearl V8 (1990) with 172k miles on it that has been
garaged and appears well kept. No repair records on it but Carfax
shows a good title.  The previous owner was a doctor in Colorado and
the rust appears near zero. The book shows about $10,000 for it but
I know I can get it for less.  What would a "great deal" price range
be for this and what should I be on the lookout for that's V8 specific??

Thanks for any and all input and, if someone is looking for one of these,
let me know in case I don't get it...

Craig in Colorado
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