[200q20v] Re: FW: [s-cars] 2Bennett 3B oil cooler upgrade

Theodore Chen tedebearp at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 23 12:26:54 EDT 2001

as a further correction, i think that's mocal, not motec.  motec makes
race engine management systems.  mocal makes oil coolers that generally
manage not to leak.

puller fans are more efficient than pushers, but in this case, you might
not have room under the cooler due to ground clearance issues.  a pusher
is fine.  if you can, get a fan from the junkyard and use that.  i strongly
recommend using an OEM fan over just about any aftermarket fan, except
perhaps SPAL.  OEM fans are generally more powerful and more rugged, since
the car manufacturer has to warranty the car.

another possibility is to use a bilge fan (from a marine application).
then you can place the fan inline with the ducting, and it doesn't need
to be in the same place as the cooler.

i'd try experimenting with the air dam.  it's cheap and doesn't draw
power.  the catch is that if it's a street car, the air dam will likely
scrape on everything.


--- "Beer, Jerald" <gsfent at prodigy.net> wrote:
> Thanks Teddy. First I'll try to give it some airflow by rotating it about 45
> degrees as  long as it doesn't hang down too low. Will try ducting after
> that. If I use a fan, blow through or draw through?
> regards,
> Jerry
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> From: Theodore Chen [mailto:tedebearp at yahoo.com]
> --- "Beer, Jerald" <gsfent at prodigy.net> wrote:
> > I recently installed the 2Bennett upgrade. Big Motul oil cooler about 3-4
> > times the size of the original.
> FYI, that's most likely a motec oil cooler, not motul.
> > It goes closer to the front of the car,
> > facing up and down. Some of the factory ducting is removed.
> > Well, I tracked the car last week. South Florida, high 80's, medium high
> > humidity. The oil cooler was absolutely no help. Oil temps hit about 150C,
> > no better than the original cooler. Fenders are vented. I suspect the face
> > up/down configuration has something to do with it. No air is flowing over
> > the oil cooler.
> yeah, sounds like you're not getting airflow.  if this is an S4, which
> way are they expecting the air to flow?  i suspect they expect it to go
> through the front ducts and out the bottom of the car through the oil
> cooler.  however, the pressure under the car may be higher than they're
> expecting it to be, which means there won't be much air flow.  one 
> thing that might help would be an airdam placed in front of the oil cooler.
> try getting an airdam from a ford ranger or chevy S10 - they're pretty
> wide, and you can get them for $6 at the junkyard (or $70 for a new one
> from the dealer).
> you may also need to put a small fan on the oil cooler to help force
> air through it.
> -teddy
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