[200q20v] bar: from .1 to 1.8...is this normal?

Vztante at aol.com Vztante at aol.com
Mon Apr 23 16:18:59 EDT 2001

Thanks Calvin for enlightening me about the need to multiply the gauge 
reading by 1.25. It's also reassuring that it matches Scott Mockry's 
measurement of 2.25.

Now that you mention it, my gauge acts similarly to yours, in that the great 
majority of the time it shows a low of .3-.4.  The time we saw it dip to .1 
was after a hard run, and 5 minutes turned off (not idling...woops!!).  Could 
not allowing it to properly cool down have had something to do with the dip 
in pressure?

Whatever the case, I'm no longer concerned, thanks to your explanation.

Mitch Frey
'00 A6 2.7t
'91 200tq20v IA Stage 3

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