Subject: [200q20v] Squeak - Rear Door

Dale McCormack dale at
Mon Apr 23 17:19:40 EDT 2001

It's a big door.  Where does it squeak from and when?

If you're complaining about the Door Control Rod (not hinge) noise, this
has worked for me:
1) pry off the rubber protective plate being careful not to break-off
the nubs (tits?).  Most any (WD40 type) spray lubricant on them will
help in removal and reassembly.
2) Behind this rubber plate you will see several rollers that press on a
flat metal stamping that connects to the center door pillar.  Apply a
coating of a thick, petroleum-based grease (wheel bearing, et. al.) to
them while turning them.  Opening and closing the door works well to
"work the grease in" to where it belongs.  
3) If this part no longer squeaks, lubricate the rubber nubs, align and
push them into their holes.  For final securing of this plate, I use the
handle of a screw driver to apply pressure immediately behind the nubs,
without damaging the rubber.

If you still have a squeak, the hinges themselves may need lubricant.  I
prefer Motorcycle Chain Lube as it is highly viscous (runny) when
initially sprayed, then it thickens into a water impervious lubricating

Dale McCormack

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