[200q20v] Re: [s-cars] Trip Report: Summit Point with the WMBs...

Theodore Chen tedebearp at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 23 18:50:43 EDT 2001

> Most amusement of the day was riding along with my wife's instructor, a
> local hotshoe with the rattiest looking mustang I've ever seen.

rattier than this?

the car came with ford's famous peeling paint problem.  yes, i had it
repainted a few years ago.

> It looked
> like it should be on blocks in someone's weedy front yard.  It even had "for
> sale" soaped onto the rear window.  It was stripped to bare shell, had an
> unpainted cage, and Kuhmo Rs.  However, Mark was turning 1:00s, with an
> occasional :59, faster than two C2s, lot's of hot M3s, and marginally slower
> than one full on Group N e36M3 that I'm sure cost $100K.  All in a car which
> was worth less than the custom headers bolted to many M-sixes.  Riding with
> Mark was a revelation, as he showed me where the limit was on the key
> corners:  ie, fairly distant from where I was driving.  His line was also
> fantastic, and mimicking him I chopped five seconds off my previous best
> time.  

you've stumbled onto a secret: mustang racers are great drivers.  :)
we have to be, because these cars come with mediocre suspensions and
even worse brakes.

> An bira commercial:  The eS2 has bira system2 brakes. (996 cal/newS4 rotor)
> Just prior to the event I installed new cryo'd rotors, and new Paul Weston
> track pads.  I flushed the system with Ford heavy duty fluid.  The brakes
> were as ever spectacular, on a track where you are on them all the time.  I
> never had time to get some temperature paint on them, but onlookers
> stationed at the end of the main straight reported that the rotors were
> glowing orange.

that's hot.  sounds like the event ran into the waning hours of daylight.
i've never been able to see glowing rotors during the day, even at the
IMSA races at laguna seca (those toyota GTPs were really fast).


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