[200q20v] child seat

David Priebe dkpriebe at home.com
Tue Apr 24 12:55:02 EDT 2001

I have one in my 200tqa. It is a rear facing one (I will be getting a
forward facing one in a few weeks). One of the best methods for getting it
tight is to fold a towel in thirds (or however wide the base of the car seat
is) and then roll it up tightly. Now put this rolled towel under the car
seat base. Now when you run the seatbelt through the base, kneel on the base
and you should be able to get the seatbelt very tight. This also makes the
car seat level instead of sloping towards the rear of the car. Hope that


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>Has anyone had a problem of installing a child seat in a 200. Mine is an
>Avant (should not make a difference) and the seat will not stay securely
>strapped in. It moves from side to side. Any suggestions ?
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