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Peer Oliver Schmidt pos at theinternet.de
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I would prefer using the 200 most of the time as well, as it has a lot more
space available. But the current baby seat does not fit (our daughter is 12
weeks old). Also, the A3 is a diesel, the 200 has an MTM turbo. Difference
in gas costs per 100 km is about DEM 10,-- / DEM 35,-- :-(

Any one out there with the rear facing third seat row installed? It was an
option in germany, don't know about the US.


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Well, I fit three kid seats across in the 200q20v sedan; try that in the

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<< I have the problem that the seat belt is not long enough to fit through
the hoops and around the seat. :-( Luckily my SO has an Audi A3. So that is
the baby transporter. Way better than the big 200 Avant

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Has anyone had a problem of installing a child seat in a 200. Mine is an
Avant (should not make a difference) and the seat will not stay securely
strapped in. It moves from side to side. Any suggestions ?


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