[200q20v] Blown clutch ..

Fundsalo Racing fundsaloracing at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 25 08:14:07 EDT 2001

Guess: clutch release bearing and/or fork



--- Arun Rao <rao at pixar.com> wrote:
> The dealer thought the clutch was chattering when I
> bought the car five
> years and 100,000 miles ago, so I guess I shouldn't
> complain that it
> appears to have finally given up the ghost at 137K.
> Here's what happened. I drove about  4 miles this
> morning to take my son
> to the doctor's.  When I was about to park, it felt
> like the clutch
> wasn't disengaging. When we got out, I had a hard
> time getting the car
> into reverse: within the first 50 yards, the car
> jerked hard (almost as
> if I'd hit the brakes).  I pushed the clutch pedal
> in, engine was still
> running fine, but when I started off again, I could
> hear this fairly
> loud grinding noise.  Car still appears to run fine
> in spite of the
> noise, so I'm not quite sure what has failed.
> Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
> -Arun
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