[200q20v] hangin' tight w/stock belts

DAK dak-ignore at rochester.rr.com
Wed Apr 25 12:11:22 EDT 2001

Something I used to use (for autocross) until I put the Schroth 5-point 
was this. Put a twist in the lap belt near the buckle before latching 
it, repeat until you get the right tension. I also whilpped up a "Dick 
(Turner)" strap.
It is simply a wide nylon strap with velcro on the ends. You wrap it 
around your torso and the back of the seat. Attach it as tightly as you 
can bear (and still breathe)!


Fundsalo Racing wrote:

> Old auto-x trick - you can get a lot more security
> with the stock belt(s) by using a simple technique:
> 1) adjust seat to proper driving position
> 2) recline the seat
> 3) pull the belt very tightly around your body and let
> all the slack get pulled back into the retractor
> 4) yank quickly on the belt out of the retractor to
> lock the retractor
> 5) incline seat back toward the proper driving
> position
> 6) repeat steps 2 - 5 till you find the correct amount
> of recline in step 2 such that you end up at the
> correct driving position after step 5 and achieve a
> firm but comfortable tightness of the belts around
> your body, too loose and the retractor will unlock
> Works for both dirver and instructor/passengers. 
> Disclaimer: YPSIEYR
> -glen
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