[200q20v] Audi 200 Avant 3rd seat?

Greg Johnson gregsj at iea.com
Wed Apr 25 10:47:59 EDT 2001

Chris Hemberger wrote:

>I read your note on the 200Q-20V list that there was a rear,
third seat
>option available in Europe on the Audi 100/200 Avant and that
sounds very
>interesting!  Any idea how common they are/were?  Any contacts
for salvage
>yards as a possible source for the hardware from a scrapped
vehicle?  I
>imagine it cannot be too difficult to retrofit.  I have 3
children and the
>3rd seat would be a nice option..  Thanks.
>Chris Hemberger
>Amston, CT - USA
>91 200Q 20V Avant (65k mi)

My original '91 200 20v TQA was totalled when a 4x4 driver, who
was enjoying slipping, sliding and hot dogging in some fresh
snow, failed to get his truck back in his lane and rammed into
the right two thirds of the rear of my wagon.  The impact pushed
the right side rear to within about a foot of the regular back
seat.  The middle part of the rear was a bit less than two feet
from the rear seat.  I would not put any children in the space
where the back of my wagon used to be.

Greg J

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