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Theodore Chen tedebearp at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 25 13:26:43 EDT 2001

--- "Ian Duff (Ultranet)" <iduff at ma.ultranet.com> wrote:
> All very interesting. Isn't Scroth the only DOT-approved 4/5/6 point belt
> manufacturer? 

could be, but DOT's criteria isn't necessarily applicable to track driving.
i'm betting that if schroth has DOT-approved belts, they're the ones with
retractors in them.

> Also, check the rules for any event you wish to enter. Some
> driver's schools require both the student and instructor to use the same
> type of belt, meaning if you install a 4/5/6 point belt, do the passenger
> side too, or you might be required to use the OEM belts.

interesting rule.  passenger looks over at driver and says "if i go down,
you're going down with me!"

> Also, the FAA and EAA did some studies a while ago WRT to the angle of belts
> between the shoulder and their anchor points. This was of particular
> interest to homebuilders of aircraft, especially those building aircraft
> with bubble canopies where fixing the shoulder belt attach point higher than
> the shoulders is not a viable option. They tested frontal and rollover
> events, with instrumented crash test dummies, and discovered that spinal
> compression was independent of the included angle of the shoulder belts.
> This testing was all done years ago, and documented in Sport Aviation. This
> is all from my CRS-addled memory, meaning take it all with a grain of salt,
> and verify before you make any decisions based on my little note here.

what angles were tested?  did they test with the belts angled down
below the vertical?  how far down?

various racing sanctioning organizations limit angulation to no more than
45 degrees, and that's based on a lot of research.  so i'm interested in
this testing you cite.  can you be more specific about where to find it?


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