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The pump only runs with the fan, so the gurgling you're hearing is not the pump; likely trapped air in the head?

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<< I had the same concern, having never heard the fan (the gurgling/percolating
IS the after run pump, BTW) before, even living through summer in New
Orleans (read-HOT).  However, the local Audi dealer brand manager, who had
been there for 15 years, is a straight shooter and loves Audis, told me that
new Audi customer feedback surveys done in the early 90s indicated that
hearing an after run fan come on tended to make new Audi owners think their
cars sounded cheaper than competitors, i.e., Mercedes or BMW, so Audi at
some point installed a higher temp fan switch.  Go figure!

Like you, I despaired of ever hearing mine come on, but driving out here to
Seattle from New Orleans last month, the fan did come on at, e.g., a rest
area after 80+ mph highway driving for 3-4 hours straight through the
foothills  of southern CA (outside temp +/-60 degrees, no A/C on) on the way
to LA.  So it does work, but it apparently never gets hot enough to trip the
switch.  Should we install new switches?  I dunno--for me the coolant temp
gauge stayed at the first thick bar, and the oil temp only barely got above
the 1st bar, on the whole trip. What an awesome long distance cruiser!! 

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A minor update:

I also have not yet heard the after run fan. I haven't heard it run on my
wife's car either, but its possible that it shouldn't have run yet.

Bentley indicates that there's a thermal switch that controls the two,
located on the coolant manifold, and that shorting the lead should get both
the pump and the fan to run. Didn't suggest replacing the pump.

Damned if I could find anything in the engine bay that looked like the
coolant manifold pictured in the Bentley...anyone?

'95.5 S6 avant
'96 A6 quattro avant

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