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See Jimmy Pribble's site www.urs4.com, technical, bypass valve for info. I
don't think you need to change it because you are increasing the boost. If
you do, I'd like someone to explain why. For that matter, to test it, take
it out and draw a vacuum on the small line. At about 6-7 pounds, you should
see the valve open, and it should hold this vacuum for about 30 seconds. If
it does, it works and you don't need to replace it. I'd like someone to
explain why these expensive valves increase performance. I don't doubt their
word, I'd just like to know how. I don't doubt they may last longer.

94 UrS4, Wetterauer chip, stock BPV.
91 200TQA, in need of a chip.   

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I am in the process of chipping the car and had a question.  I figure 
it's about time to replace the BPV (95000 miles) and was wondering if 
the normal part will work fine once it's chipped (normal - meaning the 
944T/ Sport Q version @$45) or if I need to shell out bucks for the 
Bailey/Forge/TAP ($150-200) versions.  
Wisdom would be appreciated... 
93 S4

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