[200q20v] Cupholder for Type 44 Audis

Richard E. Berlin, Jr. rberlin at feltonberlin.com
Fri Apr 27 16:22:32 EDT 2001

Here's the best "cup holder" for my '91 Avant:

Go directly to Brookstone and buy their adjustable cup

Bring it home and use the adjusta-mount bracket and snap it
into one of the front/center heater/ac vents.

When done correctly the cup holder will attach securely to
the air slats, and the unit itself will rest securely on the
little pencil/coin type shelf directly beneath the vents.

It has worked like e dream. And in the summer, the ac
passing over the holder will keep your beer cold!

Good luck
Richard E. Berlin, Jr.
 '91 200q20v Avant
Email: <rberlin at feltonberlin.com>
(978) 548-3737

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