[200q20v] Brake ducting

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Sun Apr 29 10:39:01 EDT 2001

I've asked this on Audiworld w/o getting a good answer (this
was for an A4 that I asked the question), but now I'm asking
for the '91 200q.

Have any listers come up with a good brake ducting solution for
the '91 200q? Before you mention it, yes, I know that the car
has factory brake ducting, but those "ducts" look like big flat
rectangular tubes. Are these sufficient to keep the brakes cool
for use on the track, or can they be improved upon?

The solution I'm thinking of is like what is sold for the E36M3.
Turner Motorsports sells a brake ducting kit for the E36 M3 that
has splash shields with integrated ducting built-in. I imagine you
could hook up a section of flexible hose to the port on the splash
shield and run it to the front brake ducts in the airdam of the M3.

Has anyone attempted such a thing with a type 44 or an UrS?

Just seeing if I can do something about the brakes- I'm happy with
them, but I don't want to warp those mega-$$$ UFO rotors.

I have held off on SS lines and high-perf. brake pads for the UFOs
(if they even exist) because of a planned upgrade to Porsche calipers,
ala BIRA System 3. Greg A., Chris- I have to send that BIRA appl. in.

'91 200q (needs Porsche brakes and suspension to complete the project)

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