[200q20v] that inside chrome trim strip

Brett Dikeman brettd at speakeasy.net
Sun Apr 29 18:39:06 EDT 2001

...the one that goes right up against the glass...and that one that, 
at least on my car, looks like garbage.  All post-89 type 44's have 

How to clean it up if yours does too?

Pop by the local marine store and pick up a tub of 3M metal restorer.

I always thought the trim piece was clearcoated, and that the 
clearcoat was damaged...not the case.  After a little elbow 
grease(seemed almost like mineral deposits or something) the stuff 
turned a brilliant shine.  Yay!

The stuff also worked great on the chrome in the plastic trim that 
runs around the car(NOT the plastic stuff, you'll take THAT chrome 
right off!) and the very thin strip that runs up+over the doors.  I 
highly recommend it, only problem is, the tub is MORE than enough to 
do an entire '57 chevy, an antique shop, and then still have half 
left over.  They caution "a little polish goes a long way", and 
they're right, the teensiest of dabs will do one 3-foot strip of 
chrome no prob.  If you're into the whole clean-muffler-tip business, 
this is a good last step for stock exhausts or a good first step to 
clean aftermarket chromed tips.

I would assume that waxing the chrome carefully when you're done 
would be an excellent idea to prevent tarnish etc.

I believe the tub was about $15 or so.  I'd be happy to dole out a 
couple of teaspoons of the stuff at Mt. Washington for an appropriate 
portion of that $15...I have a feeling 2 teaspoons would do an entire 
type 44.

Major ingrendient seems to be aluminium oxide, but I saw some sort of 
acid towards the end of the list, so be careful where you put the 


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