[200q20v] Lowering Springs?

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> >Finally, does anyone know if '92 UrS4 springs will work on
>  >a '91 200q w/o raising ride height? If they do and someone has
>  >BTDT, please let me know.
>  No.  These transformed Rob Winchell's car into what he called "the 
>  200q20v allroad" ; the S4 is much heavier than the 200q20v.
>  Brett

The '92 is about 3850# versus the '91 at 3650#, probably fairly evenly split 
up front/rear.  It is also a bit lower and stiffer than the '91, so using 
front/rear springs from the '92 S4 in the '91 would likely have a slight drop 
in height, and an increase in stiffness.  Rob used springs off an S6, which 
was higher stock ride height, plus heavier.

I'm currently considering what to complete for my own suspension mods on my 
'91 200q20v sedan.  I've been running stock front springs/boges, and rear '92 
S4 springs/boges.  My options are:
Eibach springs for the '91 200q20v, front and rear;
Eibach front springs, with '92 S4 rear springs;
Eibach front springs, with H&R V8 rear springs;
Rear springs/inserts can be easily swapped, so I'll likely try a few 
combinations to evaluate what I prefer.
For strut inserts, I'm likely using a set of Konis I picked up cheap.
I believe you can also install slightly different height rubber spring mounts 
up front to help corner balance the car/adjust ride height.
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