[200q20v] RE: Lowering springs

Beer, Jerald jbeer at boosecasey.com
Mon Apr 30 11:00:08 EDT 2001

Another data point. I have H&R with Koni yellow in front and reds in the
rear. The fronts were both replaced shortly after I installed them-each had
a different problem. They were replaced under warranty (and I got Koni to
ship the new ones before I had to return the old ones). The fronts are set
full soft, the rears half way. The car is firm and tracking is more a
function of a good alignment then which spring/shock IMHO. Street tires are
225-55/16 Conti Ch95, a nice all around street tire. Track tire is Toyo
Proxy 245-45/16. Both tires are mounted on the same type wheels. Toe is very
slightly in(street compromise), camber about 1.5 neg LF, 1.0 RF and less
than 1 degree on the rear. Car is very stable at all speeds. In south
Florida, roads are smooth, so no complaints. I will feel occasional tar
strips or lane divders, but the car does not tramline. No problem with the
car taking a set on the track. Very stable. I can even induce some TTO. I
previously had Eibachs, and the H&R's are a little lower and a little
stiffer, but not a huge difference. I did have to use the "short" shock in
the front with the H&R but not the Eibachs. HTH
Jerry91 200q

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